Advanced Technologies

Let’s clear the air: DigitalGlobe Atmospheric Compensation (AComp), part 2

Since publishing my first blog post on DigitalGlobe Atmospheric Compensation (or AComp), I’ve received a number of questions about the details of our proprietary technique. The improvement DigitalGlobe AComp makes in imagery is clear to see. What’s less obvious, however, is how we achieve a level of improvement that other…

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Uncovering hidden intelligence with multispectral imagery

Powerful cameras onboard DigitalGlobe satellites are capable of detecting a much wider spectrum of light than our human eyes can see. The images they produce make it possible for analysts to see a hidden world in which answers to key intelligence questions (KIQ’s) become more readily apparent. Background DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-2…

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Bringing imagery to life with rich sources of geospatial intelligence

Defense and intelligence analysts rely on a variety of information layers to develop an accurate and complete understanding of the events they study. Analysts generate reports and briefings from a confluence of map data, overhead imagery, terrain models, local news stories, social media posts and more. In principal, this multi-source…

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