Advanced Technologies

Unlocking the True Potential of GEOINT with AWS

As the premier provider of Earth imaging services, Maxar’s DigitalGlobe has earned the responsibility of serving dozens of friendly foreign governments around the world with commercial geospatial intelligence (GEOINT). For many of these governments, satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe forms the backbone of their defense and intelligence agencies’ capabilities to monitor…

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GIS-Ready Building Footprint Shapefiles for Accelerated Analysis

Almost a year ago, we posted about a budding partnership with Ecopia Tech Corporation (“”). Today, I am excited to announce a major milestone in our partnership with together we have completed the extraction of every building footprint across the entire United States. Coast to coast,’s algorithm has scoured…

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DigitalGlobe’s SecureWatch delivers more powerful geospatial intelligence with the addition of MDA’s RADARSAT-2

Images from space provide some of the most valuable geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) for organizations charged with the difficult task of protecting national security. Overhead perspective and ability to image vast areas, including areas where aircraft and UAV are prohibited from flying, make satellites powerful tools for monitoring borders, studying infrastructure…

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