Introducing DigitalGlobe Imagery+Analytics for Esri ArcGIS Enterprise

Convenient access to recent high-resolution satellite imagery and timely location intelligence is a proven way to improve GIS analysis and enhance decision-making. Satellite imagery not only provides a visual context to better understand geography, it is also a rich source of geospatial data that can be unlocked for automated analysis to make better informed business decisions.

Over the past few years, Esri has made it easier to access imagery around the globe through a variety of data services available via ArcGIS Online (e.g. Traditional GIS projects using satellite imagery require delivery of the data, followed by tedious data management, offline visualization and exploitation. Recently, the geospatial industry has shifted toward online access to geographic information and answers at massive scale in the cloud. The ability to access a rich library of satellite imagery and geospatial big data analytics together in a single solution is an extremely powerful combination that has not been available to GIS analysts until now.

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With the upcoming October launch of the new DigitalGlobe Imagery+Analytics subscription service, we’ve transformed working with satellite imagery so that it’s efficient, easy and effective for ArcGIS users.

Imagery+Analytics subscriptions allow Esri ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 customers in North America to easily access DigitalGlobe’s library of highest-quality satellite imagery and the most powerful geospatial big data analytics commercially available. DigitalGlobe Imagery+Analytics provides the ArcGIS user community on-demand access to DigitalGlobe’s entire 17-year 100-petabyte digital library of industry-leading satellite imagery with unmatched quality, resolution and accuracy. Access to DigitalGlobe’s data library includes the most recent imagery acquisitions, typically available within 72 hours of collection, including both image visualization and exploitation analysis capabilities. These images are served using ArcGIS Image Server so they can be accessed in a wide range of applications with on-the-fly or persisted processing and analysis.

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Powered by DigitalGlobe’s geospatial big data platform (GBDX), the Imagery+Analytics subscription service also provides users with advanced geoprocessing and cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms that work at massive scale, so you can make informed decisions with confidence. This includes deep learning algorithms and novel geospatial analysis techniques from a variety of GBDX platform ecosystem partners including CrowdAI, Simularity and VideoInform™, along with access to the ENVI® advanced image-processing software from Harris Geospatial Solutions.

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The unique combination of Imagery+Analytics on a powerful cloud computing platform allows users to create location intelligence, derive actionable insights and extract geospatial information layers at a scale that has been technically and economically impossible to achieve until now. Designed and built in partnership with Esri, the Imagery+Analytics service delivers an integrated ArcGIS user experience with conversion of imagery data and analysis processing results into native image/feature services that can be directly accessed in the ArcGIS Enterprise software ecosystem. This provides a native, seamless and simple user experience in the ArcGIS software tools that Esri customers use every day. GIS analysts can focus on what they need to be doing—learning and gaining value from geospatial satellite imagery—and not wasting valuable time ordering and managing the data.

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For more information on the DigitalGlobe Imagery+Analytics subscription service or to submit a request to our Sales team to learn more, please visit our product page. You can also attend our Imagery+Analytics webinar to learn more.