Advanced Technologies

See the world, vividly

It’s my pleasure to announce an exciting milestone in the initial build out of Basemap +Vivid. This week, our world-class production team finished the mosaic of Alaska–meaning we’ve completed the +Vivid mosaic of the entire world. Our revolutionary large-area mosaic product covers over 99% of the world’s population (across 155…

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Spatial on Demand: even better for 2017

A lot of people ask me, “Shea, what exactly do you do?” Now, I could give them a long speech about working for the leading satellite imagery company on the planet, and that we do cool stuff like put satellites in orbit and collect the images your Uber driver uses…

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Maximizing image availability, part 4: how content planning informs constellation scheduling

Welcome to the final installment of our “Maximizing Image Availability” blog series! In the first three posts, we’ve discussed some of the innovative ways we make sure we have the content you need: our constellation collection strategy, DigitalGlobe Atmospheric Compensation (AComp), and our advanced weather modeling capabilities. Now, we’ll show…

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