Advanced Technologies

Advanced geodata: the key to unlocking 5G

Exponential growth in data services and connected devices (think IoT) are driving demand for greater communications network capacity and speed—a trend that will only intensify with the rollout of fifth generation (5G) networks underway. Network planners already face immense pressure to optimize existing infrastructure while reducing costly network tuning and…

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The growth of Metro: More metro areas, more 30cm coverage

Location information is a critical component of innovations like automation and machine learning as well as sustainable economic development and safety. Rapid population growth, refugee migrations, heightened security needs, and smart city infrastructure investments are all driving demand for current, high-resolution satellite imagery over metropolitan areas worldwide. We are working…

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A tale of two big geospatial big data breakthroughs: quantifying built environments

Approximately three years ago, we came in contact with PSMA Australia. Though a relatively small organization, PSMA had an audacious goal: To map the entirety of Australia in tremendous detail. The PSMA team believed a highly accurate and detailed map of the entire continent’s built environment would bring immense value…

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