Satellite Imagery

Why does truth matter in satellite imagery?

Last December, my 14-year-old daughter made a frantic call to her IT support person: me. “Dad,” she shouted, “I need help with my computer!” She makes these calls regularly, since (like most of us) there’s always something about technology—hardware, software, network, device interoperability—that she finds totally frustrating. “What’s the matter,…

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Frequently Asked Questions about

The excitement at DigitalGlobe is palpable. We’re now less than two weeks from launching our newest satellite, WorldView-4, which will more than double our capacity to collect the world’s highest resolution commercial satellite images. We’ve shaked it, baked it, and assaulted it with electromagnetic radiation in Lockheed Martin’s environmental test…

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Shaping the future of image quality

All satellite imagery is affected at some level by light-wave scattering due to haze, water vapor, and particulates in the atmosphere. These atmospheric conditions change daily, and each satellite image is impacted differently. There are many cases in which atmospheric conditions can degrade the quality of the imagery or even make the imagery unusable. DigitalGlobe…

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