Modernizing commercial remote sensing regulation

Space News recently published my op-ed on the subject of regulatory reform for the U.S. commercial remote sensing industry. It lays out the case for why it is time for a major rethink of how the commercial remote sensing industry … read more

WorldView-4: A new satellite and much more

I was at an electronics store the other day and saw a UAV quad copter with a camera. Really cool technology – went straight on my wish list. It’s so easy to use: you hold it, you launch it, and … read more

9 things you might not know about America’s national parks

Tomorrow, August 25, 2016, the National Park Service turns 100! To mark this special birthday we’re sharing this impressive off-nadir image of the Grand Canyon captured by our WorldView-3 satellite on September 19, 2015. Can you spot Grand Canyon Village … read more

Know your needs before you shop for DEMs – or ski boots

Downhill ski racers demand super-stiff boots to help them push through tight turns at incredible speed. Unfortunately, many recreational skiers purchase racing-style boots for family ski weekends at Breckenridge with the belief that stiff boots will help them achieve greater … read more

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