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Arctic Race of Norway: Cycling the Arctic Circle

Now that the 2017 Tour de France is over, international cyclists have headed north—to Norway, home to islands, fjords and the Arctic Race of Norway, the northernmost multiple-stage bicycle race in the world. It all starts 68 degrees north of the Arctic Circle in Andørja, a small town of 1,500 inhabitants,…

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Reflections on GEOINT 2017: An Explosion of Data Sources

Today, more data is being generated than at any previous point in history. In the short time it will take you to read this post (provided your reading speed is the relatively average 250 words per minute), nearly 10 petabytes* of data will be created worldwide. *At the estimated rate…

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Monitoring Frequent Change with Sentinel-2 Data on GBDX

With the introduction of Sentinel-2 data on GBDX, a variety of insights to our ever changing planet can be gained. Land features like reservoirs, agriculture, glaciers, etc. can all be monitored and examined using the publicly available 10 meter resolution imagery collected by Sentinel-2. Also, as a result of its…

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