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Space 2.0 keynote address

On April 26, DigitalGlobe Founder and CTO Dr. Walter Scott gave the keynote address at the Space 2.0 conference in Silicon Valley. Walter discussed how the Space 2.0 ecosystem is solving complex problems at global scale, shared details about DigitalGlobe’s next-generation WorldView Legion constellation, and gave a sneak peek at…

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DigitalGlobe moves to the cloud with AWS Snowmobile

DigitalGlobe has been collecting imagery of Earth from space since our QuickBird satellite launched in 2001. As we’ve continued to launch new satellites to join our world-class constellation, our collection capacity and resolution have increased. In the past 17 years, we’ve collected more than 7 billion square kilometers of imagery….

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When time is of the essence

In my last blog, I described the combination with MDA as the “go fast” button for the DigitalGlobe that will allow us to accelerate toward our vision. But there’s another kind of “go fast” in our business, which is about how quickly we can get actionable information in the hands…

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