Leading the Industry

Sending Data From Space to Amazon S3 in Less Than a Minute

Technology in the space industry is modernizing rapidly and Maxar’s DigitalGlobe has been on the forefront of shaping and integrating the latest tech into our processes. A key part of this transformation has been our work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which we’ve said we’re “All-in on AWS”: As the…

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How GAIA Disrupted the Viticulture Industry

Editor’s note: Consilium Technology was a finalist for the Grape Growing Category in Australia’s 2018 National Wine Industry Impact Awards. Consilium Technology’s intelligent crop mapping and monitoring product, GAIA, was recognized for excellence because of its revolutionary impact on the wine industry. GAIA leverages Maxar Technologies’ DigitalGlobe imagery and Geospatial…

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The Earth observation business: part Amazon, part Blue Origin

Jeff Bezos was interviewed at Satellite 2018 and asked about the differences between how he started Amazon versus his rocket company Blue Origin. He astutely observed that Internet companies are relatively easy to start because they ride on an infrastructure that has existed for some time, while space companies must…

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