Geospatial 101

Powering the future of location intelligence: Earth imaging basics

We’ve all interacted with imagery of our planet in one form or another. Whether on our mobile devices, televised news coverage, in-dash navigation screens, even gaming platforms  – viewing the earth from above has become commonplace. Technology advancements, largely enabled by cloud storage and compute capabilities, have changed the way…

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Enhance that?

It’s a familiar scene in countless TV crime shows and science fiction movies: a computer whiz pulls up a photograph or video on their screen, and with a few clicks, the image is enhanced to reveal a key piece of evidence that solves the mystery. But these fictionalized narratives where…

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Fun facts about DigitalGlobe satellites

We’ve all grown so accustomed to seeing the world from space that we sometimes forget just how complex earth observation is. Truth is, it’s really hard to do anything in space – let alone try to capture high resolution and accurate pictures of the earth’s surface. This inescapable reality makes…

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