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Named entity recognition for Twitter

In a previous HumanGeo blog post, Denny Decastro and Kyle von Bredow described how to train a classifier to isolate mentions of specific kinds of people, places and things in free-text documents, a task known as Named Entity Recognition (NER). In general, tools such as Stanford CoreNLP can do a…

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Enterprise Microservices with Python

We love Python and the speed of development it enables. But we also love interoperability. At HumanGeo, we spend a great deal of time working with the latest technologies often in combination with easy-to-change, scripting languages like Python or Perl. These technologies enable us to deliver value to our customers…

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GeoWave builds its community at CalGIS/LocationCon

For the last several years, GeoWave has been an important tool for the US government, which leverages GeoWave to create a variety of solutions fueled by geospatial big data. But while our USG connection is stronger than ever and will continue to deepen, the drive for the GeoWave team now…

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