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Data pipelines with NiFi as a Storm alternative

The search for the right data processing tool At HumanGeo, making sense of data is at the heart of much of our software development. When our customers seek insights into their data, we utilize data transformation and processing activities, like normalization and enrichment to develop compelling analytics and visualizations. We initially…

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Processing big data with GeoWave (part 1)

What happens when Big Data repositories become too big to analyze? GeoWave is a software library that connects the scalability of distributed computing frameworks and key-value stores with modern geospatial software to store, retrieve and analyze massive geospatial datasets.

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The SpaceNet Challenge: help us to harness machine learning to make maps more current and complete

We recently launched SpaceNet on AWS, an open corpus of training data established with the goal of enabling advancements in machine learning using satellite imagery. To accelerate this initiative, we’re thrilled to announce The SpaceNet Challenge in collaboration with CosmiQ Works and NVIDIA, which is being facilitated by Topcoder. This…

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