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GlobalXplorer blog series, part 1: monitoring and preventing looting in Peru

Earlier this year, National Geographic Fellow Dr. Sarah Parcak announced plans to use a $1 million TED Prize to turn everyday global citizens into space archaeologists. What does that mean, exactly? By leveraging DigitalGlobe’s high-resolution satellite imagery and crowdsourcing platform, volunteer explorers will be able to help monitor known archaeological…

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Curious about the buzz over crowdsourcing?

As a student of innovation and disciple of the teachings of Clayton Christensen and Geoffrey Moore, I feel really fortunate to be a participant in the market disruption occurring through the application of crowdsourcing to the GEOINT industry. Today we have over 1 million members of our Tomnod community who…

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DigitalGlobe Launches Crowdsourcing Campaign to Help Save Hawaii’s Native Forests

In partnership with The Nature Conservancy, DigitalGlobe today activated its Tomnod crowdsourcing platform to help preserve Hawaii’s remaining native forests, the areas that remain mostly untouched by civilization. Invasive weeds, such as the Australian Tree Fern and African Tulip Tree, are aggressively spreading throughout Hawaii’s high-elevation rainforests. In fact, invasive…

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