Join the Crowd

Eliminating malaria with the power of the crowd

The information health workers need is straightforward. Where do people live? How many people live there? Are those homes at risk for malaria? In rural Zambia, for instance, those are hard questions to answer. And for community health workers who need to know how many bed nets are needed or what…

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GlobalXplorer blog series, part 1: monitoring and preventing looting in Peru

Earlier this year, National Geographic Fellow Dr. Sarah Parcak announced plans to use a $1 million TED Prize to turn everyday global citizens into space archaeologists. What does that mean, exactly? By leveraging DigitalGlobe’s high-resolution satellite imagery and crowdsourcing platform, volunteer explorers will be able to help monitor known archaeological…

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Counting seals in Antarctica

Find out why Weddell seals are important to the Antarctic ecosystem and how counting this species on DigitalGlobe satellite imagery can assist scientists with conservation.

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