Join the Crowd

Using crowdsourcing to map displacement in South Sudan

Over three years of internal conflict in South Sudan has led to severe food and nutrition insecurity. Nearly one third of the population is in need of emergency food assistance, and the spread of violence has displaced 3.4 million people across South Sudan and into neighboring countries since December 2013….

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Join us on the first ever census of Weddell seals!

Hey Tomnod crowd! It’s been far too long since we’ve been in touch. So here, let me refresh your memory on what we’re doing here, what we’ve learned – and how we would love your help again! You may recall last summer when we launched our first SOS campaign –…

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Eliminating malaria with the power of the crowd

The information health workers need is straightforward. Where do people live? How many people live there? Are those homes at risk for malaria? In rural Zambia, for instance, those are hard questions to answer. And for community health workers who need to know how many bed nets are needed or what…

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