Fun facts about DigitalGlobe satellites

We’ve all grown so accustomed to seeing the world from space that we sometimes forget just how complex earth observation is. Truth is, it’s really hard to do anything in space – let alone try to capture high resolution and … read more

WorldView-4 launch update

Updated 9/23/2016: DigitalGlobe continues to task its constellation to image the fires at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Yesterday, WorldView-3 captured the super-spectral image on the right, showing few hotspots remaining in the Canyon Fire, which is now 90% contained. The … read more

Frequently Asked Questions about

The excitement at DigitalGlobe is palpable. We’re now less than two weeks from launching our newest satellite, WorldView-4, which will more than double our capacity to collect the world’s highest resolution commercial satellite images. We’ve shaked it, baked it, and … read more

Modernizing commercial remote sensing regulation

Space News recently published my op-ed on the subject of regulatory reform for the U.S. commercial remote sensing industry. It lays out the case for why it is time for a major rethink of how the commercial remote sensing industry … read more

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